Lowe’s Build & Grow

January 24, 2010

Yesterday I took Little Monkey to his first Lowe’s Build & Grow. We had planned to go to one before but didn’t end up getting to it in time. This program is like Home Depot’s Kids Workshops. Lowe’s offers Build & Grow every other Saturday. Little Monkey got a Lowe’s apron to keep and a patch showing which project he made. Every time he goes, he can get another patch to add to his apron. The recommended ages for Lowe’s Build & Grow is 1st grade through 5th grade. There were plenty of other younger kids there too. (Just like at Home Depot.) They didn’t seem to have any issue with Little Monkey being there either.

The craft yesterday was a tic tac toe board. Little Monkey did most of the work himself, I just had to help him with keeping it together while he was hammering the nails in. He was very excited about his project. This project only took us about 15 minutes (from walking in the door of Lowes, getting signed in and settled to walking out to our car). I am surprised that he hasn’t asked to paint it yet (although we did do some painting of another project later in the afternoon). He was very proud of his project and wanted to learn how to play the game as soon as we got home.  He beat me in the first game. 🙂 We had a good time together and I plan to try to take Little Monkey to more Build & Grow workshops. The next one is building a jewelry organizer, so I think we’ll skip that one!

Hammering it together.