Zenni Optical Review

Just about two weeks ago, I discovered a problem with my glasses. I wore my bifocals since then and went in for an eye exam to check if my prescription had changed. It had changed just a little bit. I came home that night and decided to order my new glasses online. I had read many good reviews (and yes there were some bad ones too) about Zenni Optical. I decided to take my chances since the prices were so good.

It took 12 days from the time I ordered until the time that the glasses arrived at my house. I realize that you can get glasses much faster from a store (even in about an hour at some places!) but you will also pay a lot more. I decided to pick out three pairs of glasses. Since the prices are so great (starting at $8), I wanted to be able to have some fun glasses too. Zenni Optical has many choices for frames, including the options in the $8 price point. All of the frames I chose came from the $8 section. All glasses come with thin and light 1.57 index lens or you can pay more to get even thinner lenses. They also come with anti-scratch coating, UV protection, a hard case and microfiber cleaning cloth. For just $4.95 you can add sunglasses tinting or anti-reflective and anti-radiation coating. For an additional $39, you can get photochromatic lenses (Clear inside, Darkens when you are in sunlight). Zenni Optical also does bifocal lenses, starting at $25 and progressive lenses starting at $37.00. They also offer a flat shipping rate of $4.95, no matter how many glasses you order.

As soon as I got the package in the mail, I hurried in the house to check them out. I wanted to make sure that they were not broken and that my prescription seemed right. I think they are good to go! I am very happy with my purchase. I tried all of my glasses on and Little Monkey approved of each one. One pair I am not so sure on but they are fun and will be fine. It is also nice to know that if Roland decides again to eat my glasses I have a backup pair and they didn’t cost too much. For my order, I bought three pairs of glasses. Two are plastic frames and one is stainless steel. Below you will see the glasses I picked out. Hopefully soon I will have some new photos of myself in them too!

Blue Stainless Steel glasses

Purple and Clear Glasses

Green and Black Glasses

I would recommend Zenni Optical to others. For the price, it is hard to beat. Yes there are some down sides to ordering glasses online. You don’t have a person to “fit” them to your face. You also are not able to try on the glasses before you get them. (Had I done this, I might not have ordered the green and black pair.) You also have to wait about two weeks to get them. Also the glasses are made outside of the country and I’ve read that their customer service leaves much to be desired. I have not had to contact them for any reason outside of placing my order, so I cannot comment on that. I say that they are definitely worth a shot if you have the time to wait for glasses to get to you and you don’t have a lot of money to spend or if you’d like to add some fun glasses to your regular line up!


18 Responses to Zenni Optical Review

  1. MICHAEL says:

    Me and my boyfriend both ordered glasses from Zenni and with shipping and handling our total for 2 pairs was only $23.36! This is by far the best place to order your glasses. They fit great and are perfect!

  2. Aurora says:

    I just recieved my glasses from Zenni optical and am pleasantly surprised. I paid $31 for a pair of regular glasses and a pair of prescription sunglasses. I was afraid they would be dollar store quality at best, but the frames are legit. My only issue is that my peripheral vision is kind of weird in both pairs, and when I called them, they said to send them back and they will figure out the issue. I’m just not sure it’s worth sending back…
    Last time I got glasses from a major retailer I paid over $300, so I decided to take the gamble with Zenni Optical, and I think I will stick with them!!!

  3. Connie says:

    Do the bifocals have no lines on the lenses?

  4. Phil in Edmonton says:

    I just received my 2 pairs of progressives with sunshades. Phenomenal!!! I made one little mistake. When ordering the sunshades, I thought the number was the style. OOOOPS
    I now have 10 pairs of sunshades, so I guess I won’t run out for a while The hazards of being a senior.

  5. I purchased my first 2 pairs of glasses from Zenni 2 years ago, after cataract surgery when my eyes were changing in both myopia and astigmatism much faster than ever before. I didn’t want expensive long-term glasses. The first 2 purchases went without incident. The 3rd order, which arrived after 5 weeks, gave me 2 pairs, distance and reading, neither of which were good. By switching lenses, I was able to get the correct fit for distance but the reading was completely wrong. The astigmatism correction ( cylinder and axis ) was so far off, there was no distance at which either lens would be usable. I returned the one pair for correction. Zenni insists that the glasses are as specified ( either a lie or gross incompetence in measuring ) and offered me HALF of my purchase price back, despite the fact that the fault lies ENTIRELY with Zenni. I have studied optics, built my own optical equipment, and only need to get my eyes calibrated by a competent optometrist. The rest I can do myself, as I have done for the last 15 years. Caveat Emptor. The original Order #101491747 (placed on March 13, 2012). After 2 months using my old, not very correct reading prescription, I shall have to order from $39glasses, which is much faster, and has never made any mistakes. I like the Chinese, they have a lot of great stuff but they need a lot of skill-sharpening when it comes to technology.”


  6. I give Zenni Optical the highest negative rating. I would
    not order from them again or recommend them. It is a Chinese
    company posing as a California company. I ordered 3 pair of single
    vision glasses on Jan 4. The cost was $194, a little cheaper than
    ones I can get at home in 24 hours but not that much. Today is Jan
    12 and they have not even started working on them. I am located at
    a military base in Afghanistan but have a US address here.
    Yesterday I sent them an email saying I was quite concerned about
    the glasses timing because I am leaving here in about 3 weeks. They
    wrote back that the glasses will be finished in about 5 days then
    ship to the California ship center takes 5 to 7 days (because they
    are coming from China) then they will mail them to me. I know from
    experience that will take 2 weeks. So I will be gone when the
    glasses get here. I wrote them back to cancel the order but they
    will not respond so now I am going to my credit card company and
    get them to charge back the $194 I paid Zenni Optical. Beware! Buy
    somewhere else! Happy ChopSticks!

  7. skekze says:

    Bought 2 pair, each lasted about year and half. Memory metal. They weren’t cause that’s the part that broke, the bridge was supposed to be flexible and instead it was as brittle as glass. Snap. Contacted Customer service, it’s non-existent. They offer half price for new frames and then ignore you if you demand more. They are a business with no ethics or professionalism and are a Chinese scam company ran out of Cali/Oregon


  8. Carole says:

    Are these prices USD? I live in Australia do you need to convert the currency?

  9. cassity flygare says:

    I have ordered repetedly from zenni and I love them. I have ordered for all my family members too. they are great quality and so so so cheap. you can have lots of different styles and colors. and some fun stuff and not feel guilty about spending a ton. I recommend them to all of my friends.

  10. Teresa says:

    I’ve recommended Zenni to everyone. They totally rock! I have nothing but good things to say about them. They AMAZE me! People have been getting ripped off at regular eyeglass shops for too many years.

  11. pamela says:

    I spent nearly $300 on glasses from my local optical shop. They’re fine; high quality… I saw a Zenni add and figured I would give them a shot, because I get bored with the same pair of glasses. I’ve since ordered 4 pair and they are all perfect and I LOVE that I can have variety with no guilt.

  12. david says:

    About a year ago, I had a pair of Zenni titanium frames that broke. They just snapped at the center of the bridge. An obvious defect in the metal. I ordered identical frames (without lenses) and put the old lenses in myselft. I’m still happy. The new frames were $17. I could replace the frames ten times and still save money over the brick and mortar stores. It wasn’t even worth quibbling with Zenni over the $17. The second set of frames has been fine. I just got a new prescription, so I ordered a new pair of glasses with the exact same frame model–progressive bifocals. The total was $56! I have paid well over $350 for a similar pair of glasses at Sams.

  13. pam says:

    I ordered 2 pair of glasses because the price was unbeatable. It’s true what they say, you get what you pay for, I ordered progressive lenses and I was unable to see through either pair. I called the very rude and condescending customer service dept. to report the problem.I am an older lady and very country, this was more than the rep. could handle, she began speaking to me one word at a time drawing out each word. I felt very belittled. I sent the glasses back 2 1/2 weeks later they let me know one pair is correct and one pair, they had made incorrectly.I was given an option to have the pair they messed up to make again or a 50% refund. This is messed up. I will recieve the one pair they say is correct back and get a 50% refund for the pair they made incorrectly. I will NEVER ORDER glasses online again, and for sure never from zenniopticle.

    • tien says:

      you will have to pay more than $700 for a pair of glasses like me in a local store if you want complete satisfaction. i paid about $200 even with a insrance plan .

      • judy says:

        I have a very strong RX, My glasses usually cost about $600!! i have been ordering from zenni for many years..completely satisfied. I email them on a regular basis in order to get feedback on my latest order. Customer service cannot answer questions; you must be computer friendly in order to buy glasses from zenni. The actual techs keep in touch via emails with me on a daily or weekly basis.Since the company is located in China; their hours are completely opposite from USA. Like I previously stated, being able to email the techs or have somebody guide you through the email process is great. I have strong, progressive, thin lenses which only cost about $100! No matter where they are located—you can save HUNDREDS of dollars…if you know how to use a computer/email.

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