Comment Contest Update

January 29, 2010

You may remember I wrote about a contest I was having here on my blog, no not the giveaway from yesterday but the comment contest that I posted back in December. Well I honestly thought that contest would be over by now…but I guess I just had really high hopes that you folks would be commenting a bit more than you have been. Maybe that means I haven’t been writing things worthy enough of your comments!

Since I am holding the giveaway contest, I am pretty certain that those comments will get us above the 1000 comment mark. I have decided, however, to not include any entries into the giveaway contest towards the comment contest. The point of the comment contest was to reward someone who is a regular reader and commenter. If I included the entries from the giveaway contest, someone who came to my site strictly for the giveaway might also win the comment contest. So, for all you regular readers out there…keep commenting! 🙂 We will get past the 1000 comment mark. Whoever is the person to leave the 1000 comment (not including the comments on the giveaway post) will win something from Two Florida Girls Etsy shop. I’ll probably even let you pick it out. 🙂