A Day Like This

January 30, 2010

Sometimes it just starts off a little rough. Maybe you aren’t feeling it or maybe you have been home too long with the kids and are about to go crazy. The day starts off with Little Monkette (or your child) crying in her bed. You go to check on her and decide (like most days) to just bring her back to your bed so that everyone can get just a little bit more sleep. Not a few minutes later and Little Monkey (or your other child) is hollering at you from his bed. You go to talk to him and remind him that we do not yell across the house to get up. Instead, if the sun is up, he may get up, get dressed and play in his room quietly. You forgot to lay out clothes for him the night before, so he is freaking out about it. You help him pick something out and get changed. He then decides he will play quietly in his room. You head back to your room and hope for a little bit more sleep. Instead you use your Blackberry to check your email and then lay down with Little Monkette for some sleep. No more than seven minutes pass and Big Monkey’s (or your spouse’s) alarm clock starts making crazy noises. (You would think we could wake up to music or something calm but instead it is often loud static craziness.) He hits the snooze button and you get to do it all over again in seven minutes. He goes to take a shower and Roland is about done with being in bed. You let Roland out and let Little Monkey know that he can come out and get some breakfast. Little Monkette is still fast asleep in your bed, thank goodness!

Little Monkey is upset that he cannot have a waffle for breakfast because you ran out and didn’t know it, so you haven’t bought more yet. (Even though you might not even be able to, thanks to the Eggo waffle shortage. And you thought you bought enough waffles when you heard about the shortage over a month ago.) He reluctantly picks out Cookie Crisp and is fighting eating it. In fact after being told repeatedly to eat, he ends up at the dinner table with a timer. Amazingly he finishes right up in a decent amount of time, beating the timer. While he has been eating, Little Monkette has woken up and you’ve managed to get her changed, fed and she is now happily playing in her swing. Big Monkey has been getting ready to head out to work. You make his four peanut butter and honey sandwiches and pack them in his lunch box with two diet pepsi sodas. Hugs and kisses for everyone and Big Monkey heads off for a 12 hour shift at work.

You hope for an easy day, day three in a row of Big Monkey being gone virtually the entire day. (Yes I know, many people have their spouse gone all day Monday through Friday but when your spouse is a firefighter you do grow accustomed to the 24 hours on and 48 hours off schedule.)  Little Monkey tries to drive you crazy, so you decide to let him watch Wall-E one more time before returning it. (You rented it the day before with a free rental code at Blockbuster Express and have to get it back in before 9pm to avoid paying any charges on it.) Thankfully a little bit of peace and quiet, except for that little voice that keeps saying, “Where is Wall-E? No, the white one? Where is it?” You calmly reassure him that Eva, the white one, will show up shortly in the movie.

In the mean time, you manage to get the dishes done, read some blogs, clean up a little bit and start a load of laundry. As the movie is finishing you decide that you should vacuum the floor. You vacuum the rug, roll it up and vacuum the tile floor. Next you decide to move the love seat to see if it is even feasible to have it positioned somewhere else in the room. This crazy idea is because you are tired of yelling at Roland to get off the top of the love seat. He likes to sit up on the back of the love seat to watch out the window for anything that might move. (I guess that is the beagle in him.) Since you have it moved, you vacuum the floor of crumbs, dog hair and people hair. You also find a dime, which you give to Little Monkey for his piggy bank and Little Monkey’s Tag Reader. He was SO excited about finding his Tag Reader. Roland also found some type of edible food because he gobbled it up pretty quick. Now seems like the perfect time to bring in the new to you rug (Thanks Holly!) and see how it works with the room. Little Monkey helps to roll it out and Roland starts inspecting the new smells. You get it all vacuumed and settled. Little Monkey decides that the markings in the carpet, squares and lines, make great roads for his trucks. Good. Little Monkey is quiet and busy. Roland is still inspecting the new smells in the carpet and trying to dig through to the other side.

Then Little Monkette wakes up and wants to eat again. You move the laundry real quick and prepare a bottle. Little Monkey keeps driving his cars around on the floor. You tell Little Monkey that after Little Monkette finishes her bottle, the plan is to get her changed, dressed and head out to return the movie to Blockbuster Express. As Little Monkette is eating, you start to notice a not so nice smell coming from her. Lovely. She finishes the bottle, burps and you take her in her to change her diaper and pajamas. Now you discover that the not so nice smell is even worse than you thought and is not only in her diaper but all over her and her pajamas and now the changing table pad. Oh joy. Of course the laundry that was already running in the washer (and probably done by now) was her laundry too. You get her changed, and dressed in new clothes. The messy diaper, pajamas and changing table pad is removed to the garage and rinsed out awaiting the washing machine. You tell Little Monkey to get some shoes on so that you can go run your errands. Meanwhile you get Little Monkette from her room to put her in her car seat. Now that the diaper mess is handled, everything should go smooth, right? Wrong. Little Monkette proceeds to spit up all over your clothes. So much for walking right out the door. You are thankful that at least you don’t HAVE to be anywhere at a particular time. Little Monkette is in her car seat and Little Monkey is letting Roland outside; you get a new shirt, car keys, purse and the movie.

Have you ever had a day like this? Did you even realize that at this point it is only 1pm? Good luck with the rest of the day. Trust me when I say that the rest of the day didn’t go much better than this either, but I’ll spare you the story.