More of a Day Like This

January 31, 2010

Because you love your ten loyal readers (okay there may be a few more) and one of them said they would like to hear the rest of the story (Thanks Dad.) you decide to follow up yesterday’s post with even more of the story of the day. It is kind of funny that you stopped writing at the point that you did because the events that lead you to write the story in the first place hadn’t even happened yet. 🙂

You get everybody buckled into the car and back out of the garage. As is the case virtually every time you go somewhere, Roland is standing on the back the love seat (You moved it back because there really isn’t any other location in the room to put it.) with his nose pressed to the glass watching you leave. Little Monkey laughs out loud at how silly that dog is. You secretly think he is planning for some wild fun while you are gone and wonder if the new rug will be okay once you get back.

While on the way to Publix, you explain to Little Monkey that you are only going to return the movie and you are not going to rent another movie today. He agrees and spends the rest of the drive telling you about each truck he sees that does or doesn’t have a trailer. (He has been mildly obsessed with trucks and trailers since he fell in love with the movie Cars.) If the truck doesn’t have a trailer, he asks you why but then proceeds to tell you that the truck must have dropped its trailer off at the train station. (Thanks to Grammy for giving him that explanation.)

You get to the store and seriously wish that Blockbuster Express had a drive through drop off. Since it doesn’t, you find a parking space, get Little Monkette out of the car and then go around and get Little Monkey too. He keeps the movie and wants to put it into the slot for return. The three of you get to the front of the store where Little Monkey requires a stop at the scale, like he might have gained a pound or two since yesterday when we got the movie. Sure enough, he weighs the same amount. You go to the machine and hit the buttons to return a movie. Little Monkey puts the movie into the slot but cannot figure out why the machine isn’t sucking it in. Of course the one moment that he looks up to the screen of the machine and slup-the machine sucks the movie right up. He couldn’t believe he missed it. The three of us then head back out to the car.

It is still early in the day and you wonder what you will do if you go home so you contemplate a stop at the local thrift store that is on the way home. You’ve been there a few times and never actually made a purchase, but you never know with thrift stores. Plus this store has fill a bag with clothes for $5 on Fridays, so you might be able to find some cute stuff. You ask Little Monkey if he’d like to stop at one store of your choice or go home. (You have to specify that you will choose the store, otherwise he will ask again to go to go the store at the top of the hill-Walgreens-to get batteries for his little fire car that he had asked about earlier in the day.) Little Monkey agrees that he would like to go to whatever store you pick.

You stop in at the thrift store and first find a really fun beach/pool themed chip and dip set with matching salt and pepper shaker. They are not marked with a price, which is probably for the best anyhow since it is not like Grammy and Pops really need any more dishes. Next Little Monkey spies the toy room, so you check that out. Next you find a craft wreath, something you wanted to get to use with some other craft stuff you already picked up. It doesn’t have a price on it but you’ll find out before you buy it. Next you check out the clothes for the little people. There are lots of great stuff for Little Monkette and a few things for Little Monkey. You decide to do the fill a bag deal since you are finding quite a bit. You end up with over 20 items! The craft wreath was only 75 cents, so you get that too. Since Little Monkey was good while you were there, you let him pick something from the 3/$1 toy bin. You were hoping to convince him that the large wooden blocks were cool and he could get his initials but he wasn’t buying it. Instead he picked out a hammer, microphone and a toy Dora the Explorer cd player. He said the cd player was for Little Monkette. You tried to convince him that maybe he should put that back and get her some cute princess sunglasses but he wouldn’t hear of it. Music is much more fun than pink princess sunglasses.

You get back home, put some fresh batteries in his microphone and he’s off having fun with his new little toys. Thank goodness. You get the laundry moved again and start the laundry of the mess from earlier in the day. The next couple of hours you don’t really seem to even remember. It must be that you don’t want to or that things were actually running smoothly in the house for a little bit. It probably did include feeding Little Monkette and reheating some pizza for yourself. You’ve looked around the kitchen a few times for something sweet to eat but nothing is really getting your attention. You happen to see a box of chocolate pudding and decide that would be simple enough and quick enough to make and be ready to eat. You get the pudding mixed up and put into the fridge all without Little Monkey begging to help you.

It is about time for Little Monkey to have some dinner, so you ask him what he would like, even though you are 99.99% sure of what he will say. Sure enough, he would like some pasta. It is a staple in this house for him at dinner. You get the pasta out, (along with a bowl of pudding!) count up his numbers for the day and notice that he’s actually managed to do quite well and doesn’t have enough points left for very much regular pasta so you mix some PKU pasta into it. You write down the amounts and add the ketchup. Little Monkey meets you at the table with his juice cup and asks where your dinner is. You haven’t made it yet but promise him that if he’ll pray for dinner you will go make yours and eat with him. Little Monkey prays, “Dear Lord, Thank you for our food. Thank you for Mommy and Daddy. In Jesus name, Amen.” (This is as much as you could understand but you think you caught it all this time.) You set his timer and remind him that if he does not finish eating before the timer goes off he will have to go sit in his room and then come back to finish dinner alone. He starts to eat while you make your dinner and sit down with him. You quickly finish and he is still trying to get through his meal. It is not going well. You start to work on more of your BSF lesson while you keep him company at the table. All of a sudden you look over and see that he is upset and about to start crying. He is watching the timer and knows it is about to go off and he has not finished his dinner. The timer goes off and he is sent to his room.

He is crying but sitting in his chair. After some time has passed, you go to his room and talk about why he got sent there in the first place. He knows and understands that he now gets another chance to finish his dinner. He heads back out to the table to eat but is now upset that you are not going to sit with him. He’s on his own and the timer is back on. You get Roland his dinner and let him out and back in. Still not much progress by Little Monkey who is making faces at himself in the mirror; looks like he’ll end up back in his room. You sit down and watch some of the news; you are hoping to find out more about a shooting at a gas station down the road. Big Monkey had told you about it earlier but got some of the story wrong. You watch the news and get the “real” story so that you can fill Big Monkey in on the parts he misunderstood. Little Monkey starts to whine and cry because the timer is about to go off again. Bbbbrrrrriiiiiiinnnnggggg! Little Monkey heads back to his room to sit in the chair. It could be a long night. Good thing there is more pudding.

Once again you get to have the conversation about why Little Monkey got sent to his room. Come to find out he claims that he doesn’t like what he is having for dinner and doesn’t want to eat it. You explain that is what he asked for, so he will be finishing his pasta for dinner. He cries more and you understand that he doesn’t want the elbow pasta (PKU Pasta) that is in the bowl. He only wants to eat the bow tie pasta. You remind him about a deal that you made before dinner that he could watch part of the movie he borrowed from the library if he would finish his dinner. (This deal was made before dinner even started.) He is upset to hear that he might not get to watch any of it if he doesn’t eat; he heads back to the table again. You figure this should finally do the trick and you set the timer for this go round of dinner. Back to the news, which has now switched over to national news because he’s been trying to eat dinner for so long. Lucky for you Little Monkette has managed to be happy in the swing again for most of this time.

Darn it if that stupid timer doesn’t go off AGAIN and Little Monkey has yet to finish dinner. You start to question how long you can handle this and if you should just give up now. If you give up now though, you just teach him to be persistent in not eating and eventually you will let him out of it. Not a good idea, so off he goes to his room for the THIRD time during dinner. I think this dinner has now lasted longer than any dinner on the planet. Somewhere in the midst of all the craziness and crying, you almost find it funny and decide that this is just one of those days. One of those days that you should document because while much of it was trying parts of it were somewhat funny, or at least they will be tomorrow or to people who didn’t actually have to go through it. You have a chat one more time with Little Monkey about his dinner and amazingly the fourth try seems to be it. You don’t know if he was sick of going to his room, really wanted to watch the part of the library movie about trains or what but you really don’t care because he manages to finish up his dinner quickly this time, beating the timer. He cleans up his dinner and immediately asks for the movie.

You get the movie in and let him know that we will watch the trains part and one other part but then he will have to go to bed. He agrees and decides to watch trains and airplanes. I spent the time finally relaxing on the couch with Little Monkette and starting to blog about the day. The two sections of the movie end and it is actually a little earlier than Little Monkey’s bedtime so you have him help you put away his laundry before going to bed. He gets his pajamas on and everything is seemingly put away in the right place (Little Monkey appears to have a little bit of OCD it seems.) You say the good night prayer from the book you’ve read together for over a year. You get the little orange guy light turned on, the star turtle light turned on and make sure all the animals are lined up in bed in the right order. Everybody gets a sheet, quilt and blanket to keep them warm. Good night Little Monkey!

Finally some peace and quiet. There is nothing on television so you up watching some “What Not To Wear” while you hang out with Little Monkette, have another bowl of chocolate pudding and continue blogging. Little Monkette decides she is hungry again, so you make a bottle and get her fed while watching tv in your room. Once she finishes, you change her into pajamas but keep her up for a bit to play and talk. Big Monkey calls and is getting out of work early and he’ll be coming home. This is good news because it means you might get to hang out and talk for a few minutes this week but bad news because you aren’t close to finishing what you were wanting to write for your blog. You decide the blog will wait but finish up what you can before he gets home. Big Monkey gets home and goes to take a shower. Little Monkette tells him good night and is off to sleep in her room.

Now, you FINALLY get to relax a little bit. And get some sleep. Until it all starts over again the next morning when Little Monkette wakes up and gets moved into your room again.