Grassy Head

Christmas 2008, Little Monkey got a grass head fireman but we never started going his “hair.” The other week Little Monkey found the guy sitting on his shelf and brought him to me. He had “read” the directions (there were also pictures) and told me everything we needed to do. We got the grass head fireman set up and awaited the first signs on grass hair. The rest of the day Little Monkey asked repeatedly if any grass had grown yet. I assured him it would take a few days. As soon as I saw sprouts I made sure to point them out to him. He couldn’t wait for it to have more hair. He was really excited when I told him that we could give it a haircut once the grass was long enough.

A little over a week later, the grass head fireman looked like this:

Grassy Hair Fireman and Little Monkey

We decided that it was now time for a haircut! (Little Monkey got one later that night too!) Little Monkey had a hard time with the scissors but he tried. I helped him out and we gave the fireman a nice trim.

After the haircut!

Five days after his haircut, grassy hair fireman looked like this:

Little Monkey's hair didn't manage to grow as fast!

We decided that the grass hair fireman needed another haircut! This time Little Monkey wanted his grass hair to be REALLY short!

Similar to Little Monkey's 'buzz' cut!

It has been fun to watch Little Monkey anticipate the growth of the grass hair and check on him every day.


3 Responses to Grassy Head

  1. Holly says:

    I love that!! Very cute. Neat, neat, neat! Sophi saw the pictures and now she wants one too. Geez.

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