Our Newest Model

The other day Little Monkey had agreed to wear a Little Guy Tie to church on Sunday. Then Sunday rolled around and he changed his mind and Big Monkey let him not wear a tie. 😦 I begged because he looks SO cute when he wears them, as shown by this photo that he did let me take but then asked to remove the tie!

So handsome!

I told him that I bet Roland would love to wear a tie. I was right. 🙂 He didn’t even try and bite it or tear it off. Granted he only wore it for maybe two minutes max, but still. I suggested that he become the new Little Guy Tie model for Two Florida Girls!

Roland The Tie Model

(No dogs were harmed during this photo shoot. And no worries-that is Little Monkey’s personal tie and we will not be using Roland as the Tie model!)

Speaking of Little Guy Ties, they are on sale in the shop right now!! They had already been marked down and then got the extra anniversary sale discount too! Only $2.60 plus shipping. That actually gets you TWO ties because they are all reversible! Hurry on over and get a fun Little Guy Tie for your favorite Little Guy, the sale ends Thursday, February 4th.


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