Follow the Directions

A good piece of advice: if you have directions you probably should at least take a look at them while you are working on the project. I had the directions (found online); I even had copied down some of the directions into my notebook. Then I started the project and forgot all about said directions (which I had recorded a couple of weeks ago).

Can you see the problem here? (And no, it is not that the zipper is upside down-the directions did call for that.)

Sleep Sack with a problem

Well if you can’t tell, and it is kind of hard to with this photo, the problem is that I sewed up the holes for Little Monkette’s head and arms! Whoops! Thankfully it was easily fixed with a few cuts here and there. I have not gone back to finish up the edges around it yet (Fleece allows you not to HAVE to finish edges.) but I think I will. I am still proud of my creation but should have looked at the directions while I was doing it. If I recall correctly, this is the first thing I have done with a zipper. It is not perfect but it will do the job. I plan to make Little Monkette another one and hopefully make things better the second time around.

Little Monkette seems to like it okay!


3 Responses to Follow the Directions

  1. Dad says:

    She loves it!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Very cute!!

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