Superbowl Commercials

I have to say that overall I was a bit disappointed with the Superbowl commercials. There were a couple that I did like but most of them were not SO great that I would be telling all my friends about them later. I will show you the few that I did like.

Hyundai-Brett Favre Commercial

As much as I think Brett should have just stayed retired, he has been playing pretty decent (except of course for throwing an interception as his last play in the playoff game). I’m glad that he can make fun of himself for his flip flop decision.

Doritos–Dog shock collar commercial

I have to say that I was laughing quite a bit after this one. Such a smart dog. The other doritos commercial, with the little boy talking to his mom’s date was pretty good too.

Focus on the Family-Tim Tebow’s Mom

What was the hype over this? I love how people managed to make a HUGE deal over something that they had never seen yet. The commercial was simple and just pointing you to go to the website. I’m glad that it has aired and now we can move on and not have people being so crazy about it.


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