Lowe’s Build & Grow-Jewelery Organizer

Jewelry Organizer

Originally I wasn’t planning on taking Little Monkey to Lowe’s for this project. After all, it is pretty girlie (and there were mostly girls there) but we decided to go anyhow. I told him that he could give it to Little Monkette to hold her headbands. He was very excited to go and wore his apron to the store.

We worked on putting it together and when we finished, we noticed that we had put it together wrong! Whoops! Thankfully the staff at Lowe’s was able to help us get it back apart and fix it. He got a certificate for making it and another patch for his apron. He wanted me to sew his new patch on right away. I better get on that. Little Monkey was SO excited to show it to Little Monkette when we got home, but then he was very sad to see that she was asleep.

Putting the project together.

We woke her up because we had to get ready to go to a birthday party. Little Monkey ran in to show her and put it on her bookshelf. Then he took Little Monkette’s headbands and hung them from the pegs. He was very proud of himself. He saw the next project that Lowe’s is offering and really wants to do it. He will be staying with Grammy and Pops that weekend, so maybe they will take him if he’s lucky.


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