Contest Winner

(No this is not the big announcement-don’t worry!)

You may recall I was having a comment contest to reward regular commenting. Well after the giveaway adjustment, we finally hit 1000 comments!! Woo Hoo! I didn’t think it would take this long (the contest started December 14th!) but yesterday we hit the mark!

Amy was actually the 1000 commenter but since she is one of the owners of Two Florida Girls and my sister, she has offered up her prize to someone else. I decided that the winner would be the next person who made a comment.

That makes the new winner:  JOE!

Congrats Joe! You can pick something from Two Florida Girls Etsy shop as your prize. (Maybe something for your Mom, Sis or JC!)

Thanks to everyone who does comment regularly. It is always good to know that people really are reading what I write!


2 Responses to Contest Winner

  1. Joe O. says:

    WOO HOO!!!! I WON SOMETHING!!! Hrrrrmmm…what to choose what to choose…

  2. […] Two Florida Girls would be a bit lame. So I apparently had the 1,001 comment. I was the default winner!! WOO […]

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