Big Announcement!!!

Stock Photo Dodge Dakota 2003 QuadCab (Big Monkey has ours at work.)

It is OURS!!! ALL OURS!!!!! I checked this morning and our payment went through. We now own BOTH of our cars FREE and CLEAR from the bank!!! WOO HOO! No more car payments!

I told you that it might not be that exciting to some of you. But to me this is a big deal! In fact, there is more to it than that. The past few months, with Little Monkette’s arrival, Big Monkey’s sister’s wedding and other events, we had to carry some debt on credit cards. (This was a big deal for me to even allow that to happen. I am the type of person who pays EVERYTHING off in full on our credit cards each month. It was just the time of life we were in.) Yesterday I was able to pay off IN FULL the debt we had been carrying!

As of today, the only debt we are holding is the mortgage on our house, the loan for the camper and Bradley’s school. (Bradley’s school will be paid off once he get reimbursed from work.) The plan now is to keep “paying” at least half of the truck payment to our savings account to help with future car related repairs.

Funny, when I called the bank to make sure we had the right payoff amount, they asked if we would be keeping the car now that it was paid off. I said yes. They also asked if we would be purchasing another car since we paid off this one. Ummm, NO! 🙂 We plan to enjoy the no car payment time and just take care of our current cars! I suppose that is how much of America works though. Pay off one car, go buy a nicer, newer one and start paying all over again. That will not be happening here. I am very excited that the truck is paid off IN FULL and EARLY!


4 Responses to Big Announcement!!!

  1. Jennifer says:


  2. Cheryl says:

    YAY! This IS big and wonderful news. I paid my car off last year, and it was HUGE. Such a feeling of accomplishment. Now if I could only pay off that pesky student loan… Congrats!

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