Want To Make List!

Like many crafty people, at least I’m hoping, I have quite a list of things I’d love to work on or make. I see great ideas online ALL the time and I will save projects that I am interested in trying. Sometimes I end up deleting them. Sometimes I try them and they fail miserably (and therefore I never share them with you!). Most of the time though, my Want To Make List just keeps growing. I have to find the time to get some of these things made!!!

I thought I would share some(Probably not all because there are a lot!) of the items with you. Maybe you will also be inspired to make some stuff too!

Recycled Bath Mat by Montessori by Hand

This bath mat has been on my list for the longest time. Probably the longest of any item on my list in fact! The Recycled Bath Mat can be found at this site with a tutorial on how to make it. I think one reason I haven’t made it yet is all those little squares! Yes it looks cool, but that is a lot of precise cutting and sewing!

Mini I Spy Quilts by Make and Takes

I love these little I Spy Quilts. I think it could be cool to add ribbons to the edges to make it also a “tag” blanket. Then a child could use it when they are small for the feel and the ribbons and later on for the I Spy part. It would be a great toy for taking along to places like the doctor’s office or dinner to occupy their time. I think one reason I haven’t tried to do this one yet is also the amount of precise cutting and sewing required. Plus I will need to collect lots of fun small fabrics to use for it. I have seen many large I Spy quilts but this is more along my ability for time completion.

Family Tree by Leaving Excess

This is another one that has been on the list for a long time. I thought it would make a cool art piece for our wall of photos of our family. It is a Family Tree. Made with the names of all the family members. This person only added dates for marriages, not for birth. Since we don’t know a ton of our family history, we might need to include dates of births to make our tree have any real size to it! You can read here how they made this one.

Crayon Monogram from Big Creek Cottage

I found this idea awhile back and thought it would be cool for a kid’s room or for a teacher. My sister-in-law is a teacher and I had planned to make her one. When I saw this though, she was not yet married, although it looked like she was on the track to be married soon (that ended up being the case). I decided to wait to make her one because an E would be easier to make than a M I figured! But of course she has now been married for four months and I still haven’t made it. Maybe by posting it here, I will remember and try to get it done sooner.

Kid Pants from T shirt by RookieMoms

How cute are these pants? They are made from a T-shirt! RookieMoms put up a tutorial here for how to make them. I just love the little guy on these pants. Of course do I have a fun cool t-shirt that will work for this project. No. Yet another reason that I haven’t made this project yet either. Note to self-add to the list of things to look for at places like thrift stores, cool shirts that would work for this project.

Ok, seriously this is a VERY small glimpse into my project list. This does not include ANY of the recent items I’ve added. All of these items have been on my list since February 2009 or EARLIER! AHH! How will I ever catch up! 🙂


2 Responses to Want To Make List!

  1. Fun list of things to make! Thanks for including my mini quilt. It’s a fun project!

  2. Mom says:

    I love these! The crayon one is really cute for teachers!

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