Lowe’s Build & Grow with Pops!

LoweBot (Car and Robot)

Over the weekend, Little Monkey and Little Monkette got to spend the weekend with Grammy and Pops. We had an event to go to for Big Monkey’s work on Saturday night, so Grammy and Pops’ offered to keep the kids. Little Monkey wanted to go to Lowe’s Build and Grow again, so Pops agreed to take him. The last time we were there, Little Monkey saw what they would be making this time and he was excited already!

Building the CarBot with Pops

The next Build and Grow project is a basketball hoop for March Madness. I’m sure we’ll try to make it to that one too! Little Monkey is enjoying collecting his patches and having me sew them onto his apron. We’ll have to take a picture with his apron and all his new patches!


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