A Trip to the Mall

The other week I just needed to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! so I took the kids over to Borders and the West Oaks Mall. When we got to Borders, Little Monkette was sleeping, so I decided to put her in the stroller with her car seat in hopes that she would stay asleep. We just happened to get to Borders when Elmo’s Birthday Party was about to start. I had no idea about this…if I had I would have been prepared with a better snack for Little Monkey.

Little Monkey did pretty well with sitting and listening to the stories and playing along but part way through, he was done. Until he saw that they were coloring “steering wheels” (paper plates) and then the world almost fell apart. We got back over there and he participated in the rest. He was a bit sad when he couldn’t have a cookie but I didn’t know what kinda they were so he had to miss out. He did okay with it but I could tell he wasn’t thrilled about it. We ‘drove’ our cars around the bookstore with the rest of Elmo’s party guests and then got to play with balloons. He was very excited about those. They had a drawing to win a few prizes but we didn’t win. Little Monkey did get to pick out a sticker and he was very happy about that.

Little Monkette in the sling

After looking around some, we headed over to the mall. West Oaks is not a very good mall, but it would do for us. I really just wanted out of the house and an indoor playground for a little bit. πŸ™‚ I didn’t want to take the stroller in, so I decided to put Little Monkette in the sling to walk around the mall. I have had her in the sling before but never outside of our house. I didn’t realize how much of a novelty baby wearing apparently is. Right as we walked in the door, a large man looked at us and said that he needed to get one for himself. He was there with his family and was carrying his daughter, who was about a year and half old. The next comment came from two guys standing outside of a cell phone store. (They appeared to work there, but the store was empty.) They looked at Little Monkette and said, “Huh, It’s like a little hammock.” Um…yes well, moving on. I was quite surprised by the number of looks and double takes we got from having Little Monkette in the sling.

As we were walking by Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, an employee was letting everyone know that they were giving away free pretzels that day, no purchase needed. We got in line, thankfully a very short line, and got a free cinnamon and sugar pretzel. They offered to give us two (one for me and one for Little Monkey) but I declined since Little Monkey can’t have one and I figured I certainly didn’t need two! We went to sit down and Little Monkey wanted some of my pretzel. He didn’t understand why he couldn’t have it. Now I really felt bad. First he couldn’t have a cookie at the library and now he couldn’t have some of my pretzel. I did bring him a snack but at first he didn’t want it. He changed his mind and ate some of it. Once I was done we headed over to the indoor playground so that he could play and I could feed Little Monkette.

Spending time at the indoor playground made me very grateful that Little Monkey is my child. He listens pretty well and doesn’t act totally wild and crazy like most of the kids that were there. He was very good about waiting at the top of slide for the other kids to get out of the way before he went. Of course there were lots of kids that wouldn’t do that or that would try to climb up the slide when he was waiting to go down the slide. He was good though and just waited for them to move. When it was time to go, Little Monkey put on his shoes and I got Little Monkette back into the sling. Once again, lots of odd looks about what we were doing. I never realized that having a child in a sling was so odd and required staring or double takes or odd comments. Little Monkette didn’t mind at all and managed to fall asleep in the ten minutes between leaving the playground and getting to the car.


One Response to A Trip to the Mall

  1. deana says:

    I love those swings. They look so helpful. They were probably jealous πŸ™‚

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