Firefighters’ Ball

Over the weekend, Big Monkey and I had a chance to go out for an adult night. We also had the chance to not have kids at home for the weekend. Grammy and Pops took both Little Monkey and Little Monkette on Friday. Big Monkey and I went out to dinner and did some shopping. Big Monkey got new tennis shoes and I got a new dress. I had planned to wear my bridesmaid dress from Aunt K’s wedding…mainly because it was the only thing that fit, even after going shopping trying to find something that would. We happened to walk in at Dillards and noticed that dresses were on sale and on clearance! In fact, anything that was on clearance was an additional 40% off! I tried on five or six dresses, we nixed all of them and I got dressed in my own clothes again. When I got out of the dressing room, Big Monkey had found another dress for me to try on. It took a little convincing but I went back in to try on the dress. Once again, Big Monkey found a few more dresses. Once all was said and done, I had tried on another six or so dresses but we decided on one! It was purple, white and black, floor length and was originally $110. It was on clearance and then the extra 40% off made the dress $20 after tax! What a great deal. We went home Friday night and hung out for a bit, just relaxing in the quiet that was our house.

Saturday morning we both slept in, even Roland let us sleep in! I got up and showered and headed out to get my nails done. I had a manicure and pedicure and had my nails painted in a purple that I had at home. It matched my dress perfectly. After my nails were done, I decided to go to Kmart and try to get a curling iron for doing my hair. (I didn’t own one…and wanted to curl my hair. Thankfully I had a gift card too to cover it!) While I was out I also went looking for shoes. I had a pair that I could wear but I really could have used a pair that were a little bit taller. I looked at Kmart, Target, Payless and found nothing. I went to Belk and found PERFECT shoes on clearance but of course they did not have my size in the color I needed. Bummer. I went to Kohls and found very cool purple shoes on clearance too but not in my size. I was starting to think that this meant I did not need new shoes! One last stop was Walmart to get bones for Roland and I checked out the shoes while I was there. Perfect purple shoes, also on clearance! I got them. Once I tried them on with the dress though, we decided against them. I really needed something that was opened toed, so now those shoes will be going back.

Big Monkey helped me with my hair. I started by straightening it (and would have left it had it not been for the weather) because I had an idea of putting it up in a ponytail, then curling many pieces from it and pinning them around. Unfortunately, Big Monkey was not seeing the vision and he had a different idea. I actually let him go with it. 🙂 He curled all of my hair in various sizes. In fact, he was trying to operate multiple curling irons at once. He did a good job though and I only got burnt once (when I was trying to hold one curling iron for him so he could start another). Time started to creep up on us and we needed to get moving so I got dressed and started on my makeup while Big Monkey showered and got dressed too. Then we finished up my hair. It could have been better but it worked and still looked cute I think. We headed out the door, almost on time.

We got to the ball and found some other people that we knew. The tables had been messed up, so instead of having an assigned table, we got to pick from the tables that were reserved for the firefighters. There was a band playing and some folks dancing but we just mingled for the beginning. Then the program started and we got to have dinner. The company at our table was fun and I enjoyed my time. It was nice to have a night out and not be worried about the kids at all. After dinner, the new firefighters were sworn in and got their badges. There were some other awards presented also for volunteers and the new chiefs. Then there was a speaker who was from the State Fire Marshal’s Office. After that, we got to have cake and then the band came back out and we danced and mingled some more.

Big Monkey and me at the Ball

Based on that photo…I need a TAN! And after we got home I noticed that I had put my earrings in wrong. I have three holes in each ear and meant to put my earrings in the bottom hole in each ear. Come to find out, I put one in the bottom hole and one in the center hole. Whoops. At least no one seemed to notice…and if they did, no one told me! (Shame on you people!) Big Monkey had been on his phone, texting, quite a bit during dinner. I didn’t really think anything of it because he told me that Aunt K had messaged him and that one of our friends (who was also at the dinner) was texting him. I later learned that he was texting with Aunt K and they were working on a secret operation. During dinner though, I was oblivious!

We decided to end the night and head on home, so after making the rounds of goodbyes, we headed out into the cold and made the trek towards home. Big Monkey had updated his facebook status and was waiting for me to respond. I have my facebook set up to send status updates for specific people to my cell phone so he was expecting me to see it rather quickly. He didn’t realize was that my phone stops getting those texts at 9pm. After a few minutes had passed and my phone hadn’t gone off, he commented that I must not have gotten his facebook update. I explained how I don’t get the texts after 9pm but I went online to facebook through my phone and checked out his status. This is what I found, “good times at the Firefighters Ball…now time for “Operation Alotalove” to begin…” I laughed and told him that he needed to delete that! I mean, sure…some people could probably assume some activities that might end up occurring since we had no kids for the weekend, but to put it out there like that and tell the world. Not a good idea. He just smiled and laughed. (I did not know about the actual activity that had been going on all night at my house.) I really needed to go to the bathroom and had already expressed that to Big Monkey. When we got home he told me that I had two options: 1. Stay in the car until he came back to get me or 2. Close my eyes and let him lead me to Little Monkey’s bathroom so that I could use the bathroom and then wait for him to come get me. Umm…okay, since I need to go to the bathroom, I took option 2.

It seemed like I was waiting in there forever, but I doubt it was really that long. I heard some noises out in the house: Big Monkey in the fridge, Big Monkey making a clicking noise, Big Monkey going into the wine glass cabinet. It was just weird. He came to get me and told me I could open my eyes and he led me towards our room. I noticed that our dog was not jumping on us and I asked where he was. Big Monkey told me not to worry about it. (Turns out Aunt K had come over to help with “Operation Alotalove” and after she was done setting up, she took Roland home with her for the night.) Outside of our room, there were flower petals on the floor leading into our room. Our room was lit up and glowing from about 20 candles. There were flowers petals all on our floor, around our bed and on our bed. There was a vase with two dozen roses on my dresser. On our cedar chest, with some of the candles, were two wine goblets, a bottle of champagne and some chocolate covered strawberries. I didn’t even know what to say. I just stood there, a bit in shock and I cried. Big Monkey said, “I hope those are happy tears.” I assured him that they were.


2 Responses to Firefighters’ Ball

  1. deana says:

    Wow that was incredibly romantic..I got a little teary reading it and then I read it to my husband so he could have some pointers. You deserved it! By the way, love the dress. It looked awesome!

  2. Aunt Janet says:

    Wow! What a great story! You have quite a talent for writing. I just LOVE reading your blogs. And what an incredible husband you have! Thanks for sharing.

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