Want To Make List 2!

I posted before about a few things on my Want To Make List. Of course that was only a few items on my list; so today I will give you six more items on my Want To Make List!

Bath paints by wee life

Little Monkey loves those bath crayons, so when I saw this idea, I figured he would probably love this too. I have yet to find out if he does love it but hopefully by posting it here I will remember that I wanted to do it! wee life has an easy recipe to try out.

Chalkboard Placemat by Little Birdie Secrets

Can’t you just see the possibilities here? 🙂 Chalkboard Placemats! You could make this as a roll up to take to restaurants or in a travel-sized book form to take along in the car. Little Birdie Secrets has TONS of great ideas. I have been following their blog for awhile now and I am always amazed with the stuff they come up with. Also on the same tutorial post for the placemats are gift tags. Can you see that-reusable tags for Christmas and birthdays!

Wet Bags by Little Birdie Secrets

Speaking of Little Birdie Secrets, here is another item I would like to make. The Wet Bag is great for anyone who might spend a day at the beach and then need to drive home. You can put your wet suit (or towel if you make a BIG one) in the bag to keep other items in your bag or car dry. I see this as a great idea for diaper bags too. Sometimes it happens, your little one has a blow out or accident and you have to change their clothes. What do you do with the wet clothes while you wait to get them in the wash? If you had a Wet Bag, you wouldn’t have to worry about it or anything else that would be in your bag!

Reusable Sandwich Wrap by Betz White

Would lunch be more fun if you pulled your sandwich out of this fun fabric wrap instead of a boring plastic baggie? I don’t take my lunch anywhere anymore really but soon Little Monkey will be going to school and he might like something like this (if he ate sandwiches that is). Still I think it is a great way to be ‘green’ and have some fun and color in your lunch bag!

Pot Holders by Field Trips in Fiber

Since Roland has manage to destroy a couple of our pot holders, I really should get onto this project soon! I love these pot holders because they are not the big mitten types but still have a way to put your hands inside of them. I need to find some fun fabrics to make these with.

T-shirt Sleeve Bags by On a Whimm

These little t-shirt sleeve bags would be great for gift giving or as a small purse for a little girl. On a Whimm made them to match some grocery bags she made and she suggested using these for holding small amounts of produce. I recently cut up some t-shirts for another project but saved the sleeves to use in this project. I like the idea of appliqueing on them to add something cute for a gift bag.

Many more fun projects to come! I really better find some time to work on this list!


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