The Princess 5k at Disney

Saturday was the big race, well ‘fun run.’ Fun run? Seriously? Who came up with that idea? I don’t really think FUN is the best way to describe getting up at 5:40am in the COLD to go RUN 3.1miles. But we still did it. After Amy had run in another Disney 5k with friends, I was thinking that I could do it too. Surely if she could finish, I could manage to make it through too. I also thought it might help me get back in shape and lose some of the weight I had hanging around from Little Monkette. I started “training” in late November.

I really could have trained more and better but it is what it is. I didn’t really like to run and it was impossible to go unless Big Monkey was home to keep the kids. We did borrow a treadmill from my parents, so some days I was able to use that. Before the race, I had never even ran/walked 3 miles in my “training” so I was a bit worried. I decided that I would stay back with one of Amy’s friends who runs slow (like me). The night before though, she told me that she runs as far as she can before walking and that was about 1.2 miles. I told her that was not happening but it sure did! I was certain I wouldn’t make it an entire mile without walking but I did. Let’s start at the beginning-

On Friday we had to go pick up our race packets and get checked in for the race. We met up with Amy’s friends and went to the Princess Expo. There we found some fun shirts and I ended up getting one. I got a long sleeve shirt because it was going to be about 40 degrees when we were to start running. I was running in shorts, so I figured I better at least have a long sleeve shirt too! After that we went to the hotel and fed Little Monkette who was with us. While some of the girls napped, the rest of us went to the outlets. For dinner we met up with my parents and had Olive Garden to ‘carb up.’ After dinner we went back to our hotel and tried for an early night. I think we were in bed shortly after 10pm.

Dark and early on Saturday morning, the alarm went off at 5:40 and Dad and I started moving. On our way to the parking lot to meet Amy, we saw two rabbits hanging out at the hotel. We got to Epcot and found our way over towards the start line. We waited for our other friends to show up too. It was VERY cold. There were lots of people dressed up as princesses and in crazy get ups!

Ready as I'll be for the race...HAD to have this shirt!

When the race started, with fireworks! it took us over three minutes to even get to the start line! There were 3500 people registered for the race! I brought my stopwatch so that I could get an accurate timing of how I did. We started the stopwatch when we hit the start line and again when we hit the finish line. Three of us stayed together (within about 20 feet more or less) the entire race. There were so many people, it was hard to get around, but we ran, rather slow, but still running and got around a bunch of people. We ran the entire first mile! I could hardly believe it. I didn’t think it would be possible, but we did it. Once we got inside Epcot, there were characters that you could stop and take your picture with. We, of course, didn’t stop because we just wanted to finish! There were plenty of people who did stop though, even making lines at some of the characters. It actually was kinda fun and it was cool to have so many people running too.

We were coming back around Spaceship Earth at the front of the park and an employee let us know that we just had to go out the gate and then a little farther to the finish line. We picked up our pace just a bit. We saw the sign for the three-mile mark and discussed sprinting to the end. We had already picked up our pace and I really didn’t think we could go any faster. We were almost there when one of the girls in our group said she couldn’t make it and started to slow down. I assured her she could make it and stuck out my hand. She caught up, grabbed my hand and our other friend’s hand and we all ran together. I saw my Dad and her husband at the top of the bleachers cheering and taking pictures. I pointed them out and waved but she wasn’t having it. She just kept watching her feet and we made it! 44 minutes and 30 seconds. It was her fastest 5k time (this was her 3rd 5k). I have to say it was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. Of course, I’m still feeling it a few days later. I don’t know that I will do another one for sure but we’ll see.

Hand in hand to the finish line!

I was a little disappointed that we got vinyl ‘medals’ because Amy actually got a really cool one at her Tower of Terror 5k. Oh well. We had a good time and we survived. The goal was to finish and we did! I’m glad to say that I did it.

Most of our group with our medals.


3 Responses to The Princess 5k at Disney

  1. Mom says:

    Good job, KT!

  2. Joe O. says:

    First off let me tell you that I’m proud of you! You did really well! I’m dreading when JC comes up to me and is like “ok, we’re running a 5k in a month” or something. It was good to see you smiling as you crossed the finish line though!!!

    When I first saw your “medal” picture I was confused also. Every other Disney race gets very specific “medals” that look like…well…medals. I know this is the first year of the Princess and the Frog one but I would have thought they could make a real medal for it!

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