Want To Make List 3!

I really better get to crafting! My list has always been this long but now it is all going to be in one place and maybe I’ll remember that I actually wanted to make stuff. You can check out Part One and Part Two of the list on those posts.

I Spy Bag by Sylvia @ Blissfully Domestic

I have seen many versions of these I Spy Bags but they are all about the same. I like this version because it has the list of items found inside on the back of the bag. I even bought the clear plastic needed for this project long before Little Monkette was born but still haven’t had the chance to make them. I need to come up with lots of the little items to put inside too! These would make great little kids gifts and could easily be thrown in a diaper bag or purse for use at church or restaurants.

Soft Book by thimbly things

This Soft Book would make another great baby gift. You could personalize it with the baby’s initials and items they might have in their house (cat or dog, etc). It would also be a good project to use up scraps that you have been holding onto for some reason.

Oilcloth Bag by Jen Madsen

Don’t these bags look so fun? It would be nicer to carry your groceries in something colorful like this than in either plastic bags or those boring bags you get at the store for $1. I haven’t done anything with oilcloth yet, so this would be a new adventure for me for sure.

Rag Quilt Letters by Happy Together

I love these Rag Quilt Letters. So fun and you could pick out whatever fun fabrics you want. One idea would be to pick out prints that go with the letter (ie: books for b or zebras for Z, etc). These could be a good present also for a little kid working on learning their letters. Happy Together made her letters about 7″ tall. She also has a free downloaded pattern for lower case letters too.

Doodle Frame by infarrantly creative

I love this! Something about doodling is relaxing and being able to create whatever you want on your frame, whenever you want just seems fun. I think this would be best for someone who works in an office and has pictures at their desk. When I worked, I had pictures at my desk and would often rearrange my bulletin board to make it at least seem different. This frame would allow you to create a new look whenever you are ready to.


2 Responses to Want To Make List 3!

  1. Jennifer says:

    If you decide to make the I Spy Bags, I will totally buy one! Kayla loves to play those kind of thing right now!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! Let me know if you make the frame. I would love to see it.

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