Mouse In Our House!

Yes, that’s right, apparently somewhere in our house there is a mouse. Originally I thought we had roaches but we hadn’t seen any live or dead roaches, just poop. The bug man came and baited for the roaches and put a sticky mat with bait in our closet. Then he came back a few days later when there was nothing on the mat. He had originally thought that it might be a mouse but thought we would try this first. When he got back and found no roaches, he was pretty certain it was  a mouse. Big Monkey claimed that he knew it was a mouse too but that he didn’t want to be the person to tell me! We now have three mouse traps set in the pantry waiting for the little mouse.

He has apparently been eating rather well in there. I found some items that he has chewed through and eaten that I had to throw away. Chili and Taco seasoning packets, decorating icing and PKU Chocolate covered raisins. Dang mouse. The traps have been in there for two days and we still have yet to catch a mouse. Hopefully he will show his face soon so we can be rid of him.

I really didn’t want to kill the mouse but apparently that is the only real way to get rid of him. Maybe if he has little mouse friends that have been joining him in his festivities, they will learn not to come back here!


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