Lowe’s Build & Grow-Basketball Hoop

Yesterday I took Little Monkey and Little Monkette to Lowe’s for Build & Grow. The project this time was a Basketball Hoop for March Madness. Little Monkette was great, she sat in her car seat the whole time and never made a fuss. Build & Grow has been a lot of fun for Little Monkey and it is a great FREE program that Lowe’s offers every other week!

Little Monkey and I worked on the project (I think the instructions could have been written better.) together and we ended up having to take the project apart three times! The directions told us to connect the pole to the base, but we didn’t know that we needed to look which way the pole went on. There were predrilled holes for nails that would be put in later in the project and they needed to be facing the right way. Oh well, we finally got it finished and together. Little Monkey was very excited about it. I think we will need to add some wood glue to some of the parts to help keep them in place. Little Monkey has had fun playing it already, well worth our time to go and make it. He also go another patch for his apron, so we’re up to four patches! I even sewed it on his apron shortly after we got home.

Little Monkey working on his basketball hoop!


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