We Caught It-

We caught it…no, not the mouse but instead a little bird. 😦

When we got home from small group yesterday, we noticed the glue trap in the garage was no longer in the triangle shape and there was a little bird stuck in it. Big Monkey tried to remove the bird but there was no way to get it out. He looked so helpless stuck there and you could tell he had already struggled to get out. One of his wings was missing most of its feathers. The bird squeaked while Big Monkey tried to release him but nothing worked. Big Monkey decided that the best thing was to put the bird down so that he wouldn’t starve to death or be eaten by another animal. I went inside while Big Monkey took care of that. I felt bad that not only are we trying to kill the mouse, but now we’ve also had to kill a bird. Hopefully no other animals will end up where they shouldn’t be!


2 Responses to We Caught It-

  1. Dee says:

    Oh no! That is soo sad.. It broke my heart a little.

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