What? You’re pantry doesn’t look like this??

Yummy Cereal!

Yep that would be our pantry right now. 21 boxes of cereal, three open, ALL organized with the names facing the same direction and in order of expiration date. Wait, you don’t do that either? Oh man…I knew we were odd. I can’t help it. We eat a lot of cereal. Some of the cereal is stuff that Little Monkey can have (Cookie Crisp, Reese’s, Alphabits, Cheerios) but most of that is actually for Big Monkey and me. Big Monkey eats the regular Cheerios and the Mini Wheats.  Well actually he told me that he would eat them when I bought them but they have been in there awhile.

About three weeks ago we were running low on cereals actually, but thanks to some great deals at Publix, we were able to restock the pantry again. My price point for cereal is$2 a box or less. Generally it is less with coupons. Recently Publix had a coupon to for buy four Post brand cereals and get a free gallon of milk. I did that deal for two weeks. The first week I bought cereal that Little Monkey could have (Alphabits) along with some other cereals we have already eaten! The second week I bought the Honey Bunches of Oats. The weeks that I bought those cereals, the cereal was buy one get on free. So I paid for two cereals and got four cereals and a gallon of milk! Plus I had coupons for the cereal so I actually paid less than that!

I like to stock up on stuff like cereal when it is at our price point and store it until we eat it. I eat cereal almost every single day for breakfast and sometimes (when Big Monkey is working) I’ll have cereal for dinner. Am I the only crazy person who has a pantry that looks like that photo?


3 Responses to Cereal!!!

  1. amypaul says:

    You have cereal for breakfast AND breakfast?! Wow! 🙂

  2. Jennifer says:

    I wish we had a decent sized pantry so I could stock up on things like that – but as it is, our pantry is pretty tiny so we can’t do too much stocking up – although it isn’t unusual for us to have 3-4 boxes of cereal open at a time – Kayla likes to have a combination of dry cereals in her bowl together at breakfast.

  3. Wow, that is a lot of cereal!

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