Baby Gifts!

I realized that I hadn’t posted this baby gift yet! I made a set of items for my cousin J’s new son. I was waiting to post them until she had gotten the gift so the blog didn’t ruin the surprise.

I had planned to make baby J a tie onesie like I had made before but after having some problems, I gave up. (Sorry J!) I ended up messing up two onesies and I couldn’t figure out what the problem was. Hopefully one day I can figure out what I’m doing wrong.

Baby J's Presents!

I made Baby J a tag blanket with his name on it (swirled out in the photo), matching pee pee teepees, matching crinkle tag toy and an initial paci. The music note fabric was picked because Baby J’s Dad does some dj work. I ended up cutting too many circles for the pee pee teepees, so I decided to make the crinkle tag toy. It is the first one I’ve made (Sorry J!), which may help explain why it is far from perfect! I like the idea and plan to try it again, just probably not with a circle shape. It ended up looking like it was missing a ribbon or two.

Baby J has since made his debut and he and his mom are doing well. Hope you are enjoying your gifts!


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