Easter Playgroups-

Easter is rapidly approaching and I have taken Little Monkey and Little Monkette to a couple of Easter playgroups.

The first was a playgroup that we are a part of in our county but haven’t been in a while because it was too much to think about doing with Little Monkette. I decided that we were going to go to this one because Big Monkey was going to be at work and it would give us something to do. Plus it was at our friends’ house, so at least we would know them. The kids had a great time playing with new toys; Little Monkey LOVED the train table. The kids had some snacks but Little Monkey wanted nothing to do with it so he kept playing. Then the egg hunt began. Most of the eggs had been filled with mini marshmallows, so Little Monkey was able to eat them. After we found all our eggs, we opened them up and counted the amount of mini marshmallows he had so we could add it to his diet record. He also got one big marshmallow, which he shared with me and a couple of m&m’s which he also shared with me. He was really good about it and SO excited to eat his mini marshmallows. He tried shoving almost all of them in his mouth at once!

One cute bunny with one cute monkey 🙂

Once the kid’s were done playing with their eggs, we went to make a craft from socks. They were very cute bunnies. The socks were filled with beans and we used rubber bands, ribbon, and felt to finish them off. Little Monkette was being restless and I forgot our sling, so our bunny ended up with just a ribbon and we added a button nose and eyes when we got home. After mentioning that I wish I had my sling, another mom told me that she had some extras in her car! She went and got one and we tried it out but it wasn’t really working too well so she got another one. The next one was just one big piece of fabric. She helped me get it figured out and we got Little Monkette in it. She wasn’t sure about it for a couple minutes but then was happy. Of course, just a few minutes before we were going to leave, she fell asleep! The other mom gave me some information about how to make this type of wrap. When I got home, I did some googling and watched a few videos on You Tube before I decided to do it. I bought some fabric at Walmart, cut it in half and that was it!

Little Monkette hanging out in our new wrap!

I have since worn Little Monkette out in this wrap a handful of times and everyone loves it, wants to make one or have me make them one! I tell them that it only cost me $5 to make and some time spent figuring out the ‘how’ of getting it wrapped right and getting Little Monkette in it. We still need some practice but overall she likes it and I like it because unlike the sling, you really do have two free hands to do stuff with while she is in the wrap.

We also went to another fun playgroup/party, but I’ll try and post about it in another blog!


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