Repair Time

Yesterday we pulled out the camper to start to get things ready for our upcoming camping trip. After hooking up the camper to the truck, we discovered that we had turn signals and brake lights but the running lights weren’t working. After a bit of work to figure out what was going on, Big Monkey found some fraying wires. He made a quick trip up the hill to the auto parts store and got to work to get it fixed.

Big Monkey working on fixing the lights!

While Big Monkey worked on fixing the camper, Little Monkey was hanging out in the front yard playing with his toys. He decided that there was something wrong with his bike too and he would need to fix it. I was able to catch this picture of him ‘fixing’ his bike.

Little Monkey 'fixes' his bike.

He was so funny about it and continued to be just like Daddy and worked on his bike all afternoon. He wants to be just like his Dad.


One Response to Repair Time

  1. Joe O. says:

    I’m confident about the trike…but I don’t know about the camper!!! j/k

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