Feeling Neglected??

I know, I know…the blog has not been doing well this week. I really have had great intentions to post…in fact I have lots of things swirling around in my head to tell you about. But this has been a crazy week. We are getting ready for a camping trip and all the details that requires. Also Big Monkey has a big test for work coming up tomorrow…so on top of getting stuff ready to leave for camping, he has been studying a LOT! This is a very important test for him, the first step towards a promotion. Hopefully later today, or after we get back….I can get some of these things down on my blog for you to read. I know you miss having stuff to read about. 🙂 Plus I have some fun pictures to share too! (Oh and FYI-It is likely that when I do post..some stuff might be back dated, so if you aren’t reading in a reader program…you’ll want to scroll down to make sure you didn’t miss anything that got added!)


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