Time For Camping!

Today we got up nice and early and got the kids moving too. We put the last items that we needed into the camper and headed up to McDonalds to grab breakfast for the road. We had approximately six hours to ride in the car to get to our destination. We were headed to St. Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach. We went with two other families, who we met up with at the park since we all left at different times. We were only about 40 miles into our trip when I took these photos:

Big Monkey and Roland

GPS-Still a long way to go!

After two stops, one for a bathroom break and one for gas, bathroom break and snacks, along with some throw up from Roland, we made it to the park. One family that we were camping with was already there but waiting for their campsite to open up. Come to find out, we didn’t realize that there was a time change, so we were a little bit early for check in. They had already checked out the beach and we just hung out for a for more minutes before going to see if our sites were ready. We got things set up and everything put away. The third family arrived later on too. Everyone had their own dinners and we all hung out at the campfire that night. The kids had a great time playing with each other too.

Between the three families, we had six adults, nine kids (one was a friend just with them for this trip) and five dogs! The adults were a bit outnumbered! We had lots of plans for fishing, going to the beach, geocaching, bike riding and hanging out. Check back for more posts and more pictures!

Little Monkette enjoying her 'camping' chair.


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