Camping Day Three

Once we got moving and had breakfast, it was time for an egg hunt. The kids had already noticed that the Easter Bunny had managed to get up really early and hid a bunch of eggs. It was hard to keep Little Monkey away from eggs before it was time. Even Roland managed to grab an egg, crack it open and sneak some jellybeans! Little Monkey ended up with a bag full of eggs! We spent some time going through all the eggs and putting his snacks into a bowl. I think he will be eating candy until next Easter at this rate!

Found another egg!

That's a lot of candy!!!

After the egg hunt, Little Monkey got to open the package that Grammy and Pops sent for him and Little Monkette for Easter. He was very excited to find some new toys inside. At first he was disappointed with his card because it did not make noise like Little Monkette’s did. After he saw the stickers inside his card though, he was very excited and happy. He wanted to play with his new bubble gun right away but we held him off until the afternoon. I think if we would have let him, this v-v-v-van would have followed him everywhere too.

A new "Cars" Van!

A bit later, we decided to go for a walk/bike ride. Most of the kids took their bikes while the adults and dogs walked. I put Little Monkette in the wrap for our walk. She did great and actually fell asleep most of the time. We were on a mission to find a cache. It took a bit of hunting around the trail but finally one of the kids located it. The other two families have been geocaching for awhile, so they both put their names down with the date for finding the cache in the log. There were many items inside that you could trade for if you brought something to put in the cache. We did not take anything from the cache because we forgot to bring something to put in it. The kids put it back where we found it and we went back to our campsites for some lunch.

In the afternoon the others headed back to the beach, but I stayed back with Little Monkette so we could try to take a nap. Eventually she decided that was a good idea and we both napped/rested for a bit. Once everybody came back from the beach, we started work on our big group dinner for Easter. Everybody was bringing something and all the food turned out to be great.We tried to catch the sunset but unfortunately we left a bit too late and got to the pier in time to see darkness. 🙂 We vowed to make it out in time the next night!

Little Monkette enjoyed the wrap again.


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