Camping Day Four

April 5, 2010

This was our last full day of camping before needing to pack up and head home. We planned to make a full day of it. It started off with some pancakes and sausage for breakfast, cooked by Big Monkey. Then once things were cleaned up, we took Little Monkey, a Little Monkette and Roland for a walk/bike ride. We rode down to the playground again and let Little Monkey play for a bit while Roland tried to decide to go to the bathroom. He had a great time on the slide and swings.

Loving playing on the swings.

Once everybody was ready, we piled into the truck and drove down to the beach. The boys had a great time playing football again and another round of frisbee throwing. Little Monkey and I tried to find some cool shells on the beach but he was more interesting in just running down the beach and trying to avoid the waves as they came up. Little Monkette enjoyed some time on a towel under the umbrella to shade her. She kept trying to crawl off and reach the sand. She was a mess after the beach! She ended up falling asleep again while wrapped in the towel!

Little Monkette enjoys the shade at the beach!

After the beach, we had some lunch and played some games while the Littles tried to nap. Our friends D and M came over and said they were going to go find the other cache that we didn’t look for yet. I said I’d like to tag along if that was okay. I really wanted to be the person to find the actually cache! And I was!! 🙂 We walked out a mile and found the nature trail and then hiked through the trail looking for the location. It seemed impossible and after hunting around for a bit, I spotted a round lid. I yelled out that I found it! I had to change my location to actually get it though. Unfortunately we forgot to bring something to put into the cache, so we could only write D and M’s geocaching name in the log.

My first find!

We found our way back through the nature trail and checked out alligator lake. After a few minutes, an alligator showed up! And then we took the mile walk back to the campsites and got ready for dinner. We spent some time rearranging things in our camper to make it easier to get out the next day. We moved all the dirty clothes to one or two bags and put all the clean clothes in the other bags. After dinner, we headed down to the pier to try and catch the sunset again. This time we made it! I think the kids were getting bored but it was really nice to see.

It's almost set!

We enjoyed another night around the campfire and then headed off for our last night of sleep at the campground.