Back Home…

Today we packed things up and headed back home. We had done as much consolidating and packing as we could last night to prepare for an easier exit out in the morning. We got everything packed up and just needed Roland to go to the bathroom. That added about another hour to our time just waiting to get in the car and head out. The kids and Roland did pretty well and we stopped in the beginning for one gas break and tire fill. (I noticed on the way out that there was a Goodwill about five minutes from the park. I wish I would have realized that when we went in! I would have gone out and got something for Little Monkette to hang out in like a stroller or pack and play.) We stopped again later for more gas and to get a drink. The gas station was right next to a Wendy’s so we decided on sharing a Frosty. Sadly, when I ordered it, the guy rang it up and then told me that their Frosty machine was not working. So we had to get soda and water from the gas station instead. Roland had Dramamine on this trip and did much better, no sickness the entire time.

We got home around dinner time and got started on cleaning up the camper but left most of the work for the next day. We are excited for our next camping trip…not until mid-June though!


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