I Need A Trail

Little Monkey was convinced the other day that needed to have a trail (Little Monkey speak for trailer) added to his trike. Big Monkey helped him out with this idea and used a bungee cord to connect the wagon to his trike. Little Monkey thought it was the greatest thing ever. The only real problem was that he couldn’t figure out how get the whole thing turned around without jackknifing it.

Learning how to manage his 'trail'

After he had a chance to figure out how to drive it around a bit, I thought we would see about taking Little Monkette on a walk. Since I knew he couldn’t turn around with the wagon attached, I went with him so we could cross the street and come back that way. Little Monkette like riding in the wagon (even though it doesn’t appear like it in this picture!). Of course Little Monkey wanted to keep having the ‘trail’ attached but since he couldn’t turn around by himself and he’s not allowed to cross the street alone, he had to take a break from the trail. He asks for it almost every time we play outside now.

Little Monkey takes Little Monkette on a ride.


2 Responses to I Need A Trail

  1. Joe O. says:

    Awwww…How cute

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