OPT-Other People’s Trash

I have this habit…if we are out and the trash hasn’t been collected yet, I will drive around our neighborhood and see if anyone is throwing out anything that we could put to use. Big Monkey dislikes this practice but he deals with it still. I am on a mission to find some chairs for my sister-in-law’s house. She and her husband have a HUGE dining room table and NO chairs! I figure if I can find some chairs that people are throwing out, we can recover them, paint them, whatever to make them usable and presentable. So far I have had no luck finding chairs though.

I have found a few other things though. Once I got a Little Tikes picnic table but come to find out, it was broken and not worth fixing. Often times though, you will find things that are fine and just need a little cleaning up. Almost two years ago now, I had found a small Little Tikes slide, and teeter totter in someone’s trash. They were still full of life, just faded. I loaded them up in my car and brought them back home. Little Monkey has loved them. We passed the teeter totter on to some friends but we still have the small slide for Little Monkette to use. Last year we got a couple of chairs for Little Monkey to use outside. One had since broken but the other folding rocking chair is still going strong!

This month I have gotten three things! 🙂 One was a three drawer plastic organizer, usually would cost about $10-15 at the store. It was full of stuff and most of it we couldn’t use so I threw it out. A little bit of cleaning and it is almost as good as new. We will be using it in Little Monkey’s closet.

The next item was a Step 2 Ladybug Sandbox. Retail price (according to Toys R Us $34.99) It was faded and needed a good cleaning but we took care of that. We plan to use it as a small wading pool for Little Monkette this summer.

Stock Photo of the Ladybug Sandbox/Pool

And most recently, I found a chalkboard/painting easel. It was dirty but structurally sound. About five minutes with a rag and cleaner and it was almost brand new! Little Monkey was very excited and we have put it on our back porch for him to go out and draw whenever he wants. The easel top flips over so that you can paint and you can change the caddy around too to have the paints or chalk in the right place. After cleaning it, we practiced some letter writing! He has also enjoyed drawing smiley faces, something new that he has learned to do!

Little Monkey likes the new easel!

You certainly can’t beat the price! I am not below taking things out of people’s trash that we can use. And let me clarify…I do not go digging through their trash. All of these items have been sitting at the curb with the rest of the trash, very easy to see.


One Response to OPT-Other People’s Trash

  1. Aunt Janet says:

    We are such a wasteful society! I am glad to see a such a great example of reduce, reuse, recycle. And when your kids are done with them, you can sell them on craigs list!

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