Air Show

Today we went to the opening of the Tavares Sea Plane Base and Marina. They had a festival to go with the grand opening. It included a BBQ cook-off competition, bands, classic car show and air show. We decided it would be fun to take the kids since it would give us something to do outside in the amazing weather and it was free! Once Big Monkey got home from work, we headed out to find ourselves a parking space and look around.

We lucked out with a parallel parking space about two blocks from the event. Yeah for free parking! We walked down and found where everything was and then headed over to check out the classic cars since it was still a bit before the first air show. Little Monkey asked if we could take a ride in the cars. We assured him that we were not allowed to and that the cars were just there to look at. There were a few cool cars and then a few that just thought they were cool!

Since it was still a little bit before the air show, we stopped back by the car to get Little Monkey some sunglasses. There were a lot of dogs and if we had known that we could bring Roland, we might have. It wasn’t advertised that dogs were allowed at the event but they had a special “Pet Hydration Station” set up for them. There were lots of dogs, so it was probably best for Roland that he just stayed home. Just before the air show was starting, we met up with Aunt K and Uncle J and some of their friends. They had come to see the air show too and check out some of the BBQ.

The air show was nothing like any other air show that I have seen, granted, I have only been to two or three probably. There were only four planes in the show. Each came out and did different maneuvers for the crowd, probably about five minutes each. Little Monkey thought it was pretty cool. Little Monkette didn’t mind the noise either (It wasn’t as loud as the other air shows I have been to since the planes were prop style planes.).

One of the many seaplanes already parked.

Plane in the air show.

Little Monkey watching the planes fly!

Another plane...

After the show, we headed back home. It was starting to get busier at the park and we hadn’t planned to stay for the dedication anyhow. Plus the Governor was coming for the celebration and there were already picketers waiting for him. Overall, it was a small town gathering/festival but we all had fun and it was nice to do something outside during the great weather.


One Response to Air Show

  1. gramma Carol says:

    Dear Katie,

    Loved catching up on how the ggkids are doing. So glad that Little Monkee did so well on all he had to go through.

    Wow!! Little Monkette now is crawling and has teeth!!!
    She is so precious.

    Please keep us informed as we love that.

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