Medical Update-Little Monkey

Little Monkey

Little Monkey recently had check ups at both his genetic doctor and pediatrician. His visits went well overall. He is still growing, at his normal slow rate but they are happy with that.

At the genetic doctor, we had to see a different doctor because our normal one was out on medical leave. He should be back the next time we go in. Little Monkey was not too excited about her but he did okay. She said that he seemed pretty good and we should just keep doing what we were doing. We also got to talk to his dietitian, who talked to us a little bit more about the new drug they have for PKU. We have still elected at this time to not try it out on a trial run but the option is there for us at any time we do decide that we might like to see if he is a responder. Little Monkey also had to have his blood drawn for his regular PKU tests as well as his four year old tests. He was a champ and did a great job.

About two weeks later, we received a call from the dietitian saying that all his four year old labs came back normal except for his iron levels. They were low. We will continue (try to remember) to add iron drops to his food once each day. She also let us know that somehow the other lab lost his blood for the regular PKU tests. We were going to have to have his blood drawn again. Little Monkey was not going to like this but he was a pretty good trooper. Instead of going all the way back to the genetics office, we went to the local Quest. We had to wait a little bit for them to look up what was appropriate for them to do with this kind of blood draw (PKU draws are not standard happenings at local labs I’m sure.) The nurse told Little Monkey that he did a great job. No crying, just a little bit of tears.

Once those labs came back (they didn’t get lost this time), we found out that his levels were a little bit high. They weren’t really high, but just outside of the comfort zone for where we like to keep him. We have changed his daily allowance of phe and we will have him retested before our next appointment and then again at his next appointment.

He also got to check in with the pediatrician for his four year shots and school admittance requirements. (We plan to send him to VPK in the fall. The doctor has to fill out some stuff on him and do a physical, etc.) At this visit, he had to do a hearing and vision test. He passed both. He also had to get four shots! Poor guy. I didn’t know that he would be getting that many. He did great on the first one but by the fourth one he was definitely over it! Thankfully he should be good on shots for awhile.

Overall, Little Monkey is doing great. Growing at his normal slow rate but doing well.


One Response to Medical Update-Little Monkey

  1. Holly says:

    Growing up.. sweet boy! He is lucky to have such a wonderful momma to take care of him.

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