Medical Update-Little Monkette

Sitting up!

Little Monkette had to go see the pediatrician at the same time as Little Monkey. It was her six month check up and shots. She weighed in at just under 16 lbs. The doctor was happy with her development and she appears to be right on track. She has two bottom teeth that are now in and at least two more working on coming in! She is sitting up (if you put her there…she can’t get into sitting position by herself yet). Little Monkette is now crawling too! We are in trouble! She wants to crawl everywhere now. She has also been working her way through stage one foods. This is a totally new experience for us. So far she is not thrilled with green beans but is happy with applesauce, carrots, squash, bananas and sometimes sweet potatoes. We will continue through the stage one foods until she has tried them all. Little Monkette’s next appointment will be after nine months old.

I figured it out. I can crawl now!


One Response to Medical Update-Little Monkette

  1. Amy says:

    She’s so cute! I can’t handle it! 🙂

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