Medical Update-Me!

Me and Little Monkette (in her 'Easter' dress)

Recently I had my three month check up with my family doctor for my new medication. Things appear to be going well, so he gave me a new script for the next six months. After that I will go back and he will see how things are going to decide if I will stay on them, change them or whatever. He also gave me a new script for something to hopefully help with the migraines. I’ve had migraines creeping up again, so I have been watching what I’m eating to make sure I stay away from the trigger foods. Usually Excedrin Migraine does the trick but it has not been working lately. We’ll see if the new medication does anything.

The doctor also noticed that he hadn’t run any labs on me in a couple of years so he thought we should do that just to be sure everything was a-okay. I had to fast for 12 hours before the test, so I had to wait for a day that Big Monkey would be waking up in our house and not going to work! We found a day and I went online to Quest to see about making an appointment. I hadn’t made an appointment for Quest but since I wanted to do it pretty early in the morning (one of their busier times) I decided to look into it. Amazingly, you can schedule an appointment online. It is really easy. The first thing they had available was 8:45am. I took it. When I got to Quest, the waiting room was almost full and there was a line four deep just to sign in. I had arrived just one minute before my scheduled appointment, signed in and was almost immediately called back up to the window. Thanks to having an appointment I got my forms and headed straight over to the waiting area for a nurse. I skipped at least 20 people in the waiting room! When the nurse came out to get the next person, they took me even though there were five other people waiting in this section for a nurse. I was in and out of Quest in 11 minutes! I will never again go to Quest without an appointment. That saved me so much time.

The doctor’s office called back the next day to let me know about my labs. Everything came back great except for one thing: My GOOD cholesterol is low. I’m told you fix that by exercising more. Great…okay then. At least I’m healthy but like most people could use more exercise!


One Response to Medical Update-Me!

  1. Joe O. says:

    Good to hear you and the rest of the family are healthy Kt!!!

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