Pepsi Refresh!

April 14, 2010

Pepsi Refresh is a program that is giving away grant money to the top ten voted on projects. Project Legacy is one program that is looking to get grant money. They have applied for the program but only the top ten ideas get grant money. This is where you come in. You can vote each day for the idea you like best. Just head over to Pepsi Refresh to vote. If you would like to help out Project Legacy, you can use this link to vote! Currently Project Legacy is ranked 150, so we have a long way to go to get the grant money. But, with your help, it is possible.

Project Legacy Information (from their Pepsi Refresh site):

This ongoing effort we call Project Legacy brings the business community & citizens together combining our efforts & resources to improve our whole community. We want to improve the lives of everyone in the area especially children. Our organization has begun fundraising to improve the state & safety of local schools, raised scholarships for youth to participate in sports & after-school activities. We hope to continue & expand our efforts to these & raise funds to give scholarship opportunities to youth in the community & help other groups including Kiwanis & Rotary clubs to improve the community in their own individual ways. Our goal is to combine the efforts of all causes in our community to improve our area as a whole rather than piecemeal. With the help of Legacy Week & local businesses we have been able to do 5% days & other fundraising to furthers our cause & allow local businesses to flourish in a struggling economy.

Project Legacy has applied for the $25,000 grant. Here is how they plan to spend the $25,000 should they get it:

$10,000 to improve safety measures and playground equipment for elementary school
$3,000 for scholarships for Lady Lake Little League Baseball Association
$3,000 for scholarships for the Lady Lake Soccer League Association
$9,000 to fulfill needs of the Lake County Education Fund

If you have a few seconds to spare today, head over and vote for Project Legacy!