Yard Sale!

We had our first ever yard sale yesterday. I got a little crazy and thought it would be a great idea last Monday to participate in the neighborhood-wide yard sale. I spent some of the week getting the kids clothes and some toys and other baby items together. Friday night I had everything set up in the garage show I’d just have to pull it all out the next morning. Saturday morning I woke up early and started moving for the sale. Unfortunately for me, Big Monkey was still at work and the kids decided they needed to get up to help! I got everyone breakfast, pulled out all the sale items and fed Little Monkette in the driveway.

The neighborhood sale was advertised to run from 7am to 4pm. We ran from about 7:15am to about 11:30am. After that traffic really died down and we had company coming over anyhow. I am glad that we live on a main road because I think it certainly helped with how much traffic we had. We didn’t sell out of everything but we did get rid of a good amount of clothes and some of the other stuff. We ended up making about $100. Not over the top but better than nothing! I’ll take it. Thankfully the day was nice and the weather was great so hanging outside wasn’t too bad. Even the kids did well.

The biggest hit with many people was the “Free” box. It was filled with random stuff that we really did just want gone but didn’t think we could sell. Old wires, old cell phone chargers, mugs, small toys, reusable water bottles, etc. It was almost totally empty at the end of the day!

I don’t know that we’d do it again…I just it just depends on what we have to sell. If we did have another yard sale, I would probably only do it when the neighborhood is also having the neighborhood-wide sale. Guaranteed traffic, no paying for a yard sale permit and no need to advertise.


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