My Little Stylist


Usually I pick out Little Monkey’s clothes the night before and lay them out for him to get ready. Saturday night was no exception. I let him know that he would have to get dressed but bring his shirt out for help with the buttons.

Sunday morning he came out, ready for church, minus the buttoned up shirt. I helped him button it up and a bit later he decided that his outfit was just not complete apparently. He told me that he wanted to wear his tie to church. This is very unusual because if I ask him to wear one he will refuse. He went to his room and found his guitar tie. I let him know that it did not match his outfit but that did not deter him one bit. He put it on and I helped him get it under his collar. He left his top button unbuttoned and kept the tie on through church and small group. He took it off once we got back home. Everyone at church told him that they loved his tie. 🙂 Who cares if it matches, he was happy to wear it. I managed to get a quick picture of him right before he took it off.


One Response to My Little Stylist

  1. Amy says:

    Can’t even handle how cute his little smile is. Love that boy!

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