We Caught Him!

This time we really did catch the mouse! You may recall this post about the mouse that was in our house. We hadn’t managed to catch him yet so we called the pest guy back out. We were assigned a new pest guy and he came out and put down eight glue traps. He was certain that we would catch something. We pulled the stove back out and noticed the darn mouse had eaten through the patch Big Monkey had put in the wall where we found a hole before! A few days passed and nothing. Finally I thought I heard something making noise back there. I decided to wait for Big Monkey to be home before checking because I didn’t want to have to get rid of him myself.

Here is what we found:

Mouse stuck to glue trap...wall patch peices all around him...

Now in this photo he looks kinda gross,  but Big Monkey pulled him out and he was SO cute. I felt bad for him. I didn’t get another picture because Big Monkey wanted to shoot him in the backyard and ran off with him. Luckily for everyone in our neighborhood, I convinced him to chop his head off instead. He ended up smashing the poor thing. I couldn’t watch. He was still alive on the glue mat…until Big Monkey smashed him. I am happy he is gone and hoping he is the only one. I don’t know how he could be the only one though…he was eating and pooping A LOT! We put down a new glue trap and we’ll see if we end up catching any more of them.


2 Responses to We Caught Him!

  1. Joe O. says:

    Glad you caught him!

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