Baby Legs!

Since Little Monkette’s recent adventures in crawling, her knees have been getting red and rough. She will crawl anywhere she wants now. I really didn’t like her knees getting all rough and sore so I decided to make her some Baby Legs. Real Baby Legs are not cheap but I am, so I did what any crafty mom might do. I searched online for some instructions. There are plenty of explanations and tutorials available for use too.

I read through them and wrote down some instructions. Then I headed into the crafting room (Also known in this house as my bedroom) and got to work. I had picked up some knee-high socks earlier in the day at Kohls in preparation for this project. (The socks were on clearance and when combined with my coupon were basically free.) A few cuts, folds and stitches and the baby legs were done!

Little Monkey wanted them to be for him and even tried them on his arms. He didn’t understand that they were not for him and not meant for arms. (Although you could use them for arms if you are an adult…it could work for winter I suppose.)

Arm warmers?

Little Monkette seemed to like them better. She was off and crawling as soon as I put them on her. It did slow her down just a touch on the tile but she quickly figured out how to keep going. Based on other photos I have seen of people who have made their own baby legs, it appears we may have put them on Little Monkette upside down. We will try them again and see if there is any difference on how they stay on depending on the direction.

Off with her baby legs already!

I have more knee socks to use for this project, so Little Monkette will have a variety of these. I wish I had made them sooner because they would have been great for when it was cold. Supposedly the ‘baby legs’ I made are supposed to fit from six months through six years! I’m not sure how that is….but we’ll see! They are a bit big on Little Monkette right now, so I’m sure they will last for a bit.


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