Cook for Love Cooking Class

Recently, the Florida PKU Foundation held a cooking class in Orlando. Thankfully it is not a far drive for us, so my mom and I made the trip. I am SO glad we went. We had a good time, met some very nice new friends and learned how to cook some new low protein foods for Little Monkey.

Brenda from Cook for Love came to do the cooking class. We all got recipe notebooks and she was planning to try out about eight recipes total. We didn’t get that far but we do have the recipes and she even sent us home with some of the ingredients! We ended up making some veggie nuggets and also pizza. We ate the pizza for lunch. It was pretty good. Obviously not what we’d make for ourselves at home and not Pizza Hut but it was good.

I also won a breadmaker in the giveaways. I happen to already have a breadmaker but this one is nicer than mine, so I will give mine away or trade it for something else we can use. We also got some other samples of formulas and t-shirts! I am very excited about all the recipes and new foods to try. I am also excited about our new friends, Kristi and Jason. We are going to plan a playdate and cooking day with their family. It is nice to see that we are not alone in our PKU journey and we can help each other when the roads seem tough.

After going to the class, a few days later I had Little Monkey help me make him some low protein pizza. He was very good at adding the sauce and putting the cheese on. In the end, his slice of pizza was worth almost half of his daily allowance of phe, but of course, WAY lower than any ‘real’ pizza. And the best part-he ate the WHOLE thing. I couldn’t believe it. Halfway through (after everyone else at dinner was done) I was telling him that if he didn’t want to finish it or if he was full that was fine. Little Monkey just kept on trucking though and ended up eating the whole piece. This made me very excited for the possibilities of what else he might like that we can make him. My parents have helped track down some items we will need to make some of the other recipes and we will give them a try.

Little Monkey makes his pizza.


4 Responses to Cook for Love Cooking Class

  1. amypaul says:

    I love that kid and I’m so glad they had that class and that it was so helpful for you! Here’s to more and more new foods and recipes for our favorite little guy!

  2. amypaul says:

    PS-I think it’s time for a new pic on your blog header? There’s a set of legs missing!!! 🙂

  3. Kashoan says:

    Sounds like a great class! We are trying to make healthier choices at our house too.

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