Can you even pronounce that word? Do you know what it means? I have to say that I had heard about it a long time ago but that was about it.

When we went camping, D and M, and the other family we go camping with, were all ready to go out to look for caches. We went along and the first one was found by one of the kids. From what I had heard and even from this trek of looking for the cache, I still kind of thought it was a bit lame. The next day of camping, D and M decided to go look for another cache in the park. I went with them. I really wanted to find it myself. I thought then maybe I’d ‘get it.’ Lucky for me, I did find it and somehow caught the geocache bug after coming home!

Garmin eMap

I decided that we would participate in the neighborhood-wide yard sale in hopes of getting enough money to buy a hand-held gps. We did make enough money to buy a basic hand-held gps but I was not ready to pick one out. I had posted on Facebook, just hoping that someone might have one that they would like to sell or give me but came up empty. The good news for me was that there were still some sources that we had not tapped yet. Big Monkey was telling his family about the geocaching and how I was getting excited about it and wanting to get a gps. Lucky for me, they had a hand-held gps but that they weren’t using and didn’t really need anymore!!! I was SO excited to get a gps to use for geocaching.

I learned how to use my new to me Garmin eMap and was ready to go! Big Monkey thinks I’m crazy but even Little Monkey now likes to go “look for boxes” as he calls it. Some of the caches are large enough to have items inside besides just the log. Little Monkey can take a small toy to exchange for something in the box. So far he has gotten a race car, bouncy ball, golf ball and fake grapes (ya….I don’t know about those grapes!).

When you find things, you update the logs online also and the cache box on your map changes to a smiley face. I am loving seeing the smiley faces. I think this is part of the problem! It is like an ocd issue or something…wanting to get all the little boxes turned to smileys! I have already begun to look up caches at sites where we are going camping in the future. We also went to the beach house this weekend and found a few caches. Little Monkey and I took Pops with us to find a few. Pops found four of the five that we went after! He is a good searcher. He would find them and then show Little Monkey so that he could get them. Even on one that I found (6.5 feet up a tree) he and Little Monkey came over and helped me out because I couldn’t reach it!

Good thing Little Monkey is small so he could get under there!

I am looking forward to finding even more caches. It is something we can do, virtually free, and Little Monkey loves to go along too. Let us know if you want to go geocaching with us!! We’d love to show you how, or have you show us!


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