Checkbook Covers

Back a long while ago, I had a comment contest and Joe won. He decided that he would like a checkbook cover made for his girlfriend. I found some music note material, Joe’s choice and got to work. Unfortunately it did not come out how I had envisioned. I was trying out a new checkbook cover pattern because the last one seemed to make them way too big. Now though, the new one seemed to not fit quite how I thought it would. The good news is that it fits okay and looks cute. I tried again and made another one but it was basically the same. I delivered both checkbook covers and let them decide. They like them! Yippie!

Music Note Checkbook Cover

After seeing a picture of one of them, my mother-in-law also was interested in a checkbook cover. For Mother’s Day, I made her one (yes Mom..I know…I didn’t send you a gift yet…but there will be one!) I used a fun fabric that I had in my stash. It is bright and says Peace and Love. It should be easy to find in her purse! Hope she likes it!

Peace and Love Checkbook Cover

If you are interested in a Checkbook Cover, you can check out Two Florida Girls. We have one available right now! Or if you would like some other type of fabric, you can convo us for a custom order!


2 Responses to Checkbook Covers

  1. MOM says:

    Wasn’t looking for a present….the phone call is fine! Love u!

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