Birthday Party

Little Monkey was invited to a birthday party for today. We all went (Me, Little Monkey, Big Monkey and Little Monkette) and had fun. The party was at the community center and there is a nice park next door. First we all played on the playground for a little bit. Even Little Monkette got in on the fun!

She loved swinging and watching the other kids.

After plenty of fun in the sun, we all went inside to cool off and have some cake and ice cream. I brought Little Monkey’s special cupcakes; he even picked out the icing and helped ice it before the party. Wouldn’t you know it, he only ate the icing, again. Oh well, one day he will want the cake part too. After cake and ice cream, the birthday boy opened presents. Little Monkey was not too interested in this, so I sent him with the camera to sit and take pictures. He liked that and took a few good shots and then just watched.

Birthday Bean Bags!

We gave the birthday boy some bean bags with his name on them. He liked throwing them around at the party! (FYI-If you invite us to a party…it is likely that you will be getting a homemade gift unless if it for an age that I don’t have a good homemade gift yet. If you don’t like homemade gifts, you probably shouldn’t invite us!)

After all the presents were done, the birthday boy went out to ride his new four wheeler. Once most of the guests had left (and we were on our way out too) his mom remembered they forgot to do the pinata. So we stayed for that and Little Monkey loved it. There was even some candy in the pinata that he could have, although he did get quite a collection of candy that he can’t have. Lucky for him, his mom is more than willing to help with the extras!

Little Monkey and his friend J picking up candy!


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