Lowe’s Build And Grow-Trellis

Yesterday we went to a free building clinic for kids at Lowe’s. Little Monkey likes going to these events and we hadn’t been able to make it to one in awhile. Even though we had a busy day planned yesterday, I decided to take him. I actually brought Little Monkette along with us because Big Monkey was in the middle of washing his truck (He had already washed mine.). She did great, just hanging out in her car seat.

As always is the case, we managed to not do it quite right but Little Monkey didn’t care. We also didn’t seem to have enough little nails but we made it work.

Nailing together the base section

Much to our surprise, when the kids were finished, the worker gave them each a plant to put in their trellis. They also got a certificate, new patch for their aprons and a $10 off $50 purchase coupon to give to their mom. Since I am not very good at keeping plants alive, Little Monkey and I decided we would take the trellis and plant to GrandMom for Mother’s Day.

So proud of his work!

Little Monkey has been begging me to sew his patch onto his apron, so that is on my list to do this week! He loves getting new patches!


2 Responses to Lowe’s Build And Grow-Trellis

  1. Joe O. says:

    Awesome! Do they have an age limit on those things? I’m thinking I could use some of those classes!

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