Happy Mother’s Day!

Did you have a good Mother’s Day? Our plan was a busy day and it turned out that way!

It started with me being the first one up to shower, eat and get everybody else ready to go too. Then the kids and Big Monkey got up too. Before we left for church, Big Monkey gave me my Mother’s Day present. He got me a funny card, as did the kids. Then I opened my gift.

Mother's Day Pendant

Big Monkey did a great job. I will end up getting another necklace to hang it from but I used one that had another pendant on it so I could wear it right away. He wasn’t sure if I had one that I could use or not. At the top center it says I (heart) u and then has all of our birthstones at the bottom.
(A little history here–For our one year dating anniversary, Big Monkey got me a birthstone ring with his birthstone, a diamond and my birthstone. When he ordered it he was very specific about which one he wanted but when it came in, it said “MOM” on it! They ending up sending it back and fixing it but it was funny. After Little Monkey was born, we had the center diamond removed and added his birthstone to the middle instead. Now that Little Monkette is here, there was no way to add a fourth stone to the ring. Since I don’t wear much jewelry, Big Monkey decided a pendant might be a better idea. I love it!)

We headed off to church early because Big Monkey was singing on the praise team this morning. At church, they played a very cute video (made with kids from our own church) about why they loved their moms. When I picked up Little Monkey from his Sunday School class, he presented me with a rose and told me, “Happy Mother’s Day.” We came back home, changed clothes, got our stuff together and let the dog out. Then we headed over to Big Monkey’s brother’s house to hang out with their family for Mother’s Day.

We went swimming and Little Monkey LOVED it. He did a great job and even was jumping into the pool. Of course he wasn’t doing that when I was out of the pool and taking pictures though. Maybe next time. I even tried to catch some video of him, thanks to my Mother’s Day present from Grammy and Pops!


I figured out how to use it and did get some video of Little Monkey swimming. Now I have to figure out all the other items of how to use it and get the items on my computer. Hopefully we’ll get that figured out (I haven’t tried yet, so hopefully it’s not too hard.) and be able to share more videos with you.

After swimming, we had a big table full of food to eat for dinner. Then we played outside at the neighbor’s house (They weren’t home but thankfully wouldn’t mind us using their toys and driveway.). The boys played chalk for a bit, bubbles too and then it turned into multiple games of PIG and HORSE. As it turned out, I believe Uncle J won two games and Big Monkey won one. We also had some great dessert that Aunt S made for us (even though she can’t eat any of it!). It was very yummy.

It was a very busy and long Mother’s Day but we did have fun. I hope to soon have Grammy’s Mother’s Day gift done (slacker…I know!) and go see her to take it to her. Hope you all had a good Mother’s Day too.


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