Great Trade!

While we were at the cooking class, we learned that it would be very helpful to have a deep fryer at our house to make some of the food for Little Monkey. We did not have one already and I really did want to/have extra money laying around to spend on a deep fryer. I decided that it was probably one of those items that someone bought for something specific (fries, donuts, etc) and used a few times but then changed their mind and it has been sitting in their cabinets ever since.

Deep Fryer!

I thought I would throw the idea out on Facebook to see if anyone had one that they wanted to give me or sell me really cheap or trade for some other small appliance or something. Sure enough within a few hours I received an offer for a free, brand new in the box deep fryer! After some discussion, it was decided that I could make some bean bags for the kids in their family as a trade. Great deal for us and great deal for them. I was already busy making bean bags, so I just added those to the mix. When they were done, we met up and made the switch. I hope the kids like their new name bean bags because I sure like our new deep fryer. Now we just need to learn to use it and make Little Monkey some veggie nuggets!

Gracie's Bean Bags

Colt's Bean Bags


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