The Pioneer Woman! Book Tour

Today, Little Monkette and I went with Amy to meet The Pioneer Woman. She was on a short book signing tour for her cookbook. The Q&A session and book signing was scheduled to start at 6pm. We decided that if we were there around 4, we should be very close to the front of the line. Well, about 2:30 we found out that some people had been in line since 1:30. Oh my. This was going to be an interesting day. We still left about the time we had planned and got there just a bit before 4. We ended up being about 25-30 people back in line. Not too bad.

The wait in line wasn’t as bad as it could have been. We met some interesting people and had fun people watching. There were definitely some interesting characters there. We started to wonder if we were crazy and weird like all those people too. We decided we were definitely more on the normal side for sure!  There were plenty of people who brought her presents (as did we-some flip flops, since she didn’t own a pair and a coffee cozy from Two Florida Girls). One lady even brought a tiny puppy pug that she kept in a basket. It was so weird. We were so afraid she was going to try to leave the dog with her as a gift but thankfully she didn’t. Little Monkette did a great job the entire time we were there.

Once she arrived, The Pioneer Woman headed to the in-store Starbucks for a drink before coming upstairs to meet everyone. Her daughters came with her. They were too cute, so was The Pioneer Woman. Seriously. Very real, very humble, very sweet and very gracious. During the Q&A, Little Monkette decided that she was getting sleepy. She even tried to fall asleep on my legs. After taking a few questions, some very random things, she decided it was time to sign books. (Probably a good idea considering there were hundreds of people there-not sure on a final head count but they closed the upstairs and made people stay in a line downstairs that weaved in and out of the rows of books.) We were about 30 people deep and just trying to keep Little Monkette awake and happy. The other babies before us had all fallen asleep when they met her! Little Monkette had a special shirt on for The Pioneer Woman and we wanted to be sure she saw it. (Amy made it for her and brought it to me to sew. It wasn’t perfect but it was so cute!)

I heart PW

When it was our turn, we went up and said hello. We gave her our gift and let her know what it was. She said thank you and that she didn’t have any flip flops. We knew this and that is why we got them for her…if you are going to be a Florida girl, you must have flip flops! She signed the two cookbooks Amy had, one for her and one for Chad. The Pioneer Woman thought it was funny that a boy wanted her to sign a cookbook for him. It was all too funny.

Three Florida Girls meet The Pioneer Woman

I’m glad we went. It was fun and she is a very nice person. She didn’t try to sign your book and push you out. She took time with everybody (at least this was the case while we were there). She liked Little Monkette’s shirt and even took a picture of it! Maybe Monkette will be famous and be published on her blog! (I will be sure to let you know if that happens!!!)


3 Responses to The Pioneer Woman! Book Tour

  1. zoomyummy says:

    Yay, so cute. What a great experience that must have been… Your baby is just adorable 🙂 Petra

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